Laser Hair Removal

Center for Women’s Health Laser Hair Removal Crestview Florida Treatment Room
Center for Women’s Health Laser Hair Removal Crestview Florida Treatment Room

Why Laser Hair Reduction?

Imagine an easier life without shaving, tweezing or waxing unwanted hair. Keeping up with unwanted facial or body hair is not only tedious, it can also make you feel self-conscious. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective option for permanently reducing unwelcome hair in a variety of places. Using our state-of-the art Lumenis LightSheer Infinity Laser, we can get to the root of the problem. During treatment, the laser emits pulses of light directly into the hair follicle, effectively killing the individual hair and preventing regrowth. This treatment is appropriate for all skin types and areas of the body for hair with melanin. Not only can the Infinity Laser see black and brown hair, but it can see darker red hairs and blond hairs, if the hairs are darker than the skin being treated.

Common Treatment Areas Include:

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Chest & Breast


Arms & Legs


Bikini Line & Brazilian



We treat most all areas of the body, except around the orbital bone, that includes eyebrows, and top of the cheeks just below the eyes. We strive to be very careful in this area to protect the eyes from any damage.

Do You Treat Men And Women With Laser?

Yes, we work all over the face and body of men and women. We have some tri-athletes that have removed all their body hair. The treatment room is a comfortable and safe place for treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Our Diode laser normally takes 4-6 treatments per area. For best results your laser appointments will be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart to start with, and further apart as you advance with less hair for optimal results.

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Will Laser Permanently Get Rid Of All My Unwanted Hair?

Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee to remove 100% of your unwanted hair, but the few stragglers that grow back are very fine and should pretty much be unnoticeable. Around 50% of dark hair can be removed within 3 treatments.

What Do I Need To Do Before Having Laser Hair Removal?

  • Refrain from the sun 2-4 weeks
  • Shave the area to be treated the day of or the day before treatment.
  • No foundation, lotions, perfume, or deodorant in treatment areas
  • No acid products on the skin

I Have Been Tweezing And Waxing My Chin, Lip, And Bikini, What Can I Do To The Hairs Until Treatment And How Long Do I Wait To Schedule An Appointment?

You will need to refrain from tweezing or waxing for 4 to 6 weeks to get optimal results in these areas. You will need to use a little trimmer, trim with scissors or shave the area until time for treatment. I know this is hard for most women to shave their face. Keep telling yourself “I am getting rid of the hair” and shave everyday if necessary.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, the procedure is completely safe. After the procedure, clients may experience slight pink or red skin in the treated area. The color will most likely fade within a few minutes to a few hours, and in rare cases, a few days. When cold packs are used, the skin will return to normal much more quickly. Hydrocortisone 1% cream is also very calming to the treated area. The lasers utilize energy wavelengths of light that pass directly through the skin into the hair follicles. Lasers that do not pass through the skin leave residuals. For example, X-rays taken at the hospital leave a residual in the body. If too many are taken in a certain time period, the residuals can become a health risk. The lasers used for laser hair removal are passive, they leave no residuals: therefore, they are completely safe.

Man receiving laser epilation on underarm.
Man receiving laser epilation on underarm.

With our HS Universal Handpiece we can treat larger areas on the body very quickly.

What Does The Laser Treatment Feel Like?

Most people say they feel warmth with a little more intensity when the hairs are course or in thick patches of hair when the larger HS handpiece is used. Some clients are a little ticklish when treating the underarm or behind the knee area. Most people are pleasantly surprised that it’s not painful.

Laser Chilltip handpiece, for small and sensitive areas.
Laser Chilltip handpiece, for small and sensitive areas.

If for any reason the client finds that the treatment is painful, the current needs to be turned down, it is too much current for that individual’s skin and the area being treated.

For small areas of the body we use a small chill tip, it is cold to the skin and helps to keep the skin cool as the hairs are being treated. This really helps to protect the skin in more sensitive areas like the upper lip.

How Long Do I Need To Stay Out Of The Sun Before And After Treatment?

the laser is attracted to pigment, that is how it targets the hair, so it is best to stay out of the sun and not have your skin competing for the current. That includes sunless tanning products, and lotions. You must keep the area out of the sun for 2 weeks before treatment. If you are sunburned, you will not be able to have treatment for a month. If your skin is tan, not as much current can be used in that area. Even after treatment you need to refrain from the sun for 2 weeks. If you go in the sun after treatment your treated skin wil be attracted more to the rays than normal and can hyperpigment or hypopigment your skin. Please use at least a 30-50 SPF sunblock in the area to be treated, and covered with clothing, a hat or umbrella from 10am-2pm.

The most opportune time to have laser treatment is in the fall and winter, to have stubble free skin by next summer.

The Less You Have Been In The Sun, The More Effective Laser Hair Removal Will Be…..

Will The Laser Treat Every Hair , The First Treatment?

No, if you have only been shaving an area or letting the hair grow for a while such as bikini, legs or underarms not all the hairs are in the growing cycle where the roots are darker pigmented. The hairs that are dormant and have a white root (were not treated) will shed and be present with a darker root (if darker hairs) for the second treatment.Normally the second and third treatment are the most effective. If you come in the time recommended all the hairs will be in the right growing cycle and have a very effective treatment.

What Do I Need To Do To The Area After Treatment?

If the area feels like a sunburn after treatment apply cool packs (Not Ice), on and off several times.

Apply 1% hydrocortisone 2-3 times a day

Take warm showers (Not Hot) showers or baths, No Hot tubs for at least 48 hours.

Most importantly, use 30-50 SPF sunscreen and No sun for 2 weeks.

If a histamine reaction happens, the area treated will swell like mosquito bites around each hair follicle effected. The area will itch, and it is best to apply Benadryl Cream and alternate with the 1% Hydocortisone cream. This reaction can last about 12-24 hours, If possible take Benadryl by mouth to speed up getting over the reaction. This reaction is rare, but it can occur, especially if you have histamine reactions to other things.

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