What Is The Most Common Reason For Infertility?

The two most common reasons for infertility is the lack of ovulation by the female and a low sperm count in the male. both of these account for 40% of infertility each.

My Periods Are Very Irregular, Can This Affect My Future Fertility?

Irregular periods usually indicate you were not ovulating correctly due to some hormonal imbalance. This usually can be corrected with medication therapy.

My Husband Sperm Count Is Extremely Low, What Can He Do?

Your husband needs a thorough evaluation by a urologist. There are several methods to increase sperm count and sperm motility.

What Is A Typical Infertility Workout Consist Of?

An infertility workup should include a basal body temperature chart, sperm count by the male, hormonal testing and ovulation predictor kits. if the patient is unsuccessful after six months of attempting pregnancy, laparoscopy and intrauterine dye test are indicated.

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