Cosmetic Procedures


What types of cosmetic procedures do you perform?

In our practice, we perform scar revisions, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, vaginal reconstruction, laser treatment of stretch marks and vaginal rejuvenation.

Who needs an abdominoplasty?

Many times after childbirth or excessive weight loss there is either excessive skin or extreme laxity of the abdominal muscles therefore once childbirth is completed these patients are excellent candidates for reconstructive procedures on the abdominal wall.

The two main procedures that are performed are pulling the muscles together in the middle and creating a much more hourglass type figure. The second procedure is removal of the excessive skin usually this is from the supra-pubic area up to the umbilicus pulling the remaining abdominal skin down to provide a flat tight appearance to the abdominal skin.

What is a scar revision?

Patients who have had previous cesarean section or other abdominal procedures may have their scars treated with lasers or surgically corrected to provide a smoother, less obvious scar.

Who needs vaginal reconstruction or labiaplasty?

After childbirth many times there is significant trauma or tearing to the vaginal canal or the vaginal opening resulting in a very loose vaginal appearance. The procedure is designed to improve the tightness and the external appearance of the vagina.

Does insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

If you are just performing a cosmetic procedure it does not cover the cost. Many times if there are other pelvic procedures performed these cosmetic procedures can be performed at a lower cost to the patient.

I Had A Large Vaginal Tear When I Delivered My Last Baby. Is There Anything You Can Do To Fix The Vaginal Opening?

A simple outpatient vaginal reconstruction procedure will completely correct that defect.

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