What Is The Best Form Of Contraception?

There are several good forms of contraception including oral contraceptives, condoms, IUD, or spermicides.

Will Birth Control Pills Affect My Future Fertility?

Birth control pills have no adverse effect on future childbearing within 1 to 2 months the effect of the pill is out of your system.

When Should My Teenage Daughter Start Birth Control Pills?

Obviously, if your daughter is sexually active or considering sexual activity she should start birth-control pills immediately. These are safe to start even at age 13 to 14.

What Is An IUD?

In intrauterine device is placed into the uterine cavity which creates a hostile environment for implantation of a fertilized egg. This is an effective means of birth control however sometimes can have side effects of pain and slightly increased chance of infection.

Is A Tubal Ligation An Effective Means Of Birth Control And When Should I Consider This?

There is a one in 400 chance of pregnancy after tubal ligation. This should be considered a permanent form of contraception and should only be considered after you have completed your family.

Is Withdrawal Or The Rhythm Method Effective Means Of Birth Control?

Neither of these methods are effective means of birth control there is a 10 to 30% chance of pregnancy with each of these methods.

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