Bladder problems


What Is The Most Common Bladder Problems For Females?

The most common problems with bladders or chronic inflammation are urinary tract infections. These can easily be treated with antibiotics therapy. The symptoms are urgency, frequency and burning with urination.

If I Leak Urine When I Cough And Sneeze Is There A Problem With My Bladder?

The most common reason for urinary incontinence is a weak bladder neck or bladder base. This commonly occurs after age 35 following the delivery of your children.

I Have Gone Into Menopause And Having Bladder Frequency Urgency And Incontinence What Should I Do?

The first line of treatment is the proper evaluation. A pelvic examination and urine sampling should be done. Simple in office testing will determine if there is a weak bladder neck resulting in the incontinence. Sometimes a cystoscopy or scope is necessary to evaluate the lining of the bladder.

What Are The Treatments For Bladder Problems?

Usually, simple bladder problems will resolve with antibiotic therapy or local estrogen therapy. Sometimes medications for overactive bladder are required if frequency is present. Always, pelvic physical therapy is a significant help to many bladder issues.

When Do I Need Surgery On My Bladder?

Only if the testing shows significant weakness in the bladder neck or bladder base should a patient consider surgery.

Is The Vaginal Mesh Dangerous To Use In Bladder Surgery?

If your native tissues are too thin or weak for the repair, the surgical procedure may require synthetic mesh. There is an extremely high rate of success with mesh and very minimal complications or side effects.

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