Biofeedback Pelvic Physical Therapy


What is pelvic physical therapy?

A specialize probe is used to measure the pelvic floor muscles and used to develop exercises to strengthen these muscles.

How is pelvic physical therapy performed?

A small probe is placed into the vaginal canal which is hooked to a computer with a pressure sensor to measure the tone and contractions of the muscle floor. The whole procedure takes only several minutes and is completely painless.

Who needs pelvic physical therapy?

Immediately after the delivery of your child patient should begin pelvic physical therapy. This will reduce the incidence of bladder and pelvic prolapse problems by as much is 80%. In addition, women who are menopausal with atrophic vaginal tissue and prolapse of the bladder, uterus or rectum should do continuous pelvic physical therapy.

What does pelvic physical therapy do for me?

Proper pelvic exercise will strengthen the pelvic and vaginal muscles which improved bladder function, bowel movements and sexual function.

Does insurance pay for pelvic physical therapy?

Yes, pelvic physical therapy is covered by most insurances, especially if you have a diagnosis of vaginal atrophy or pelvic prolapse.

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