Everyone over the age 18 or when they become sexually active should get an annual examination.
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Biofeedback Pelvic Physical Therapy

Immediately after the delivery of your child patient should begin pelvic physical therapy. This will reduce the incidence of bladder and pelvic prolapse problems by as much is 80%.
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Hormone-replacement therapy is a treatment for women going through menopause. Symptoms of menopause can vary from moderate to severe, and include a slowed metabolism, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, depression, memory loss, mood swings, weight gain and low libido.
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The most common reason for urinary incontinence is a weak bladder neck or bladder base. This commonly occurs after age 35 following the delivery of your children.
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Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that play a role in virtually all major bodily systems and functions including your cardiovascular system. A 3 minute cardiovascular assessment will provide valuable information to determine your risk for cardiovascular related disease.
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There are several good forms of contraception including oral contraceptives, condoms,
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In our practice, we perform scar revisions, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, vaginal reconstruction, laser treatment of stretch marks and vaginal rejuvenation.
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The two most common reasons for infertility is the lack of ovulation by the female and a low sperm count in the male. both of these account for 40% of infertility each.
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Center for Women’s Health concentrates on providing the highest quality laser hair reduction and removal services available in a safe, comfortable environment.
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There are several different types of prolapse depending on which organ is involved if the bladder is dropped into the vagina it is a cystocele. If the rectum is prolapsing into the vagina it is called a rectocele and if the intestinal contents are other abdominal organs are prolapsing it will be called an enterocele.
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Robotic surgery is a highly technical laparoscopic approach to pelvic surgery that allows the surgeon to perform difficult procedures through only a few small incisions.
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The most common types of thyroid dysfunction is hypothyroidism or under active thyroid this causes fatigue., hair loss, weight gain and hormonal and imbalances.
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Vaginal Rejuvenation is the use of a co2 fractional laser to restore and recreate your vaginal mucosa, collagen and elastin fibers.
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Our weight management plan focuses on four areas elimination of simple carbohydrates, eating only fresh fruit, meats and vegetables, reducing proportions to match your metabolic rate and the use of medications if necessary.
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